Blame Brazil

Upon my arrival, living in Brazil meant giving up my independence in the kitchen. I was given half a shelf of fridge space at my home stay and the range of my food diet was severely limited: grilled cheese sandwiches in the morning prepared by Dona Lucia and cafeteria lunches which usually consisted of large quantities of black beans and white rice (I must say, the carioca way of piling the rice on top of a heap of beans as to create a soup-like hodgepodge is the way to go).  Although I adore grilled cheeses, beans and rice, there is only so much of it I can ingest before feeling like an unhealthy human being.

So when I finally moved to Sao Paolo and was presented with a kitchen liberated of grandma Lucia’s control, I rejoiced in my freedom. Paired with lots of free time, you get this food blog.  And what better way than to share this experience with my dear friend Lin, who has a great amount of talent in the kitchen.

I look forward to sharing my trials in the kitchen with you!

One of my favorite things…

…is grocery shopping. Really. I love, love, love wandering the produce aisles and gathering things for delicious meals, exploring new ingredients, debating how many cartons of ice cream i’ll allow myself this week 😉 and finding fun things on sale.

I have told several of you that I recently lost my passion for cooking. It just really wasn’t interesting to me any more — I’d make things just to eat them, not because I really enjoyed it or because I was excited by it. However, the past few months have been a little different — buoyed by the rediscovery of my family’s homestyle cooking (and Asian cooking in general), I’ve started to get back on the ol’ cooking horse.

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