One of my favorite things…

…is grocery shopping. Really. I love, love, love wandering the produce aisles and gathering things for delicious meals, exploring new ingredients, debating how many cartons of ice cream i’ll allow myself this week πŸ˜‰ and finding fun things on sale.

I have told several of you that I recently lost my passion for cooking. It just really wasn’t interesting to me any more — I’d make things just to eat them, not because I really enjoyed it or because I was excited by it. However, the past few months have been a little different — buoyed by the rediscovery of my family’s homestyle cooking (and Asian cooking in general), I’ve started to get back on the ol’ cooking horse.

Three weeks ago my roommate (check out her great blog here) and I went to the major Asian grocery store in our area after a delicious Sichuan (四川) meal at one of our favorite San Diego restaurants… I hadn’t been to an Asian grocery store since school began, and as you can see from the photo, we went a little crazy! But it felt so good… And it felt so good to be excited about food again.

I’m looking forward to sharing the cooking, baking, and general food-related things that pass through my life, as well as being able to do it with my dear friend Coralie.

Yes, one of my favorite things is grocery shopping. But even better than that are the relationships in my life. Keeping in touch. The love and support each of you provide. We are fortunate enough to live in a world where email, cell phones, Skype and IM make living on different continents a little easier — and we hope that this little blog will help bring our circle of family and friends a little closer.

But enough of that mushy stuff — it’s time for the big question: δ½ εƒδΊ†ε—οΌŸ(have you eaten yet?) πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “One of my favorite things…

  1. Lin, can we go to that Asian grocery store together? I went once with Misha to Ranch99 and was so overwhelmed and lost. I really need an expert there with me to be more effective at reading all these Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese labels.


    • yes, sweetheart, we totally can! although i admit i don’t go often. the next time i’ll go will prob be in april — sound good?

    • I remember when Misha, you and me did a Costco run right before heading out to Baja. Misha really is the grocery shopping queen!!

  2. Dis Food b Gr8 I was cooking up some goat wit’ me motha, and i just had to make some of that Brazillian Chai Tea. It wa’ delish! When me motha gone to the store I make da butter cookies and my moma screamed wit’ joy.

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