Homestyle Indonesian Food with Kami

For my first official post I’m not going to share a recipe… Instead, I’m going to post a few photos from a wonderful night of hospitality I was able to share with some fellow students last month.

Kami, the Bahasa Indonesia professor here on campus, invites students to his home every quarter to share an Indonesian meal. It is a really lovely evening, with Indonesian-class alums who are in town showing up and joining current graduate students. Although I myself am not one in his class, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend and enjoy Kami’s delicious food!

We were served lots of great dishes, including:

  • Green salad
  • Flavorful saffron-tinged rice
  • Clear broth soup with tomatoes, carrots and potatoes (one of my personal favorites)
  • Beef rendang
  • Cookies and sliced fruits for dessert

I’m not sure if I’ve forgotten anything… I unfortunately did forget to take pictures of the food (it was so good!), but I do have a few shots of the Indonesian students and our gracious host. The dishes we ate are very similar to some of the ones I’m used to in Malaysia — it was a great evening and made me long a bit for “home food” 🙂


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