Malaysian Teh Tarik

Teh tarik is one of Malaysia’s traditional drinks, a hot, sweetened, milky black tea that is the specialty of mamak (Indian Muslim) food stalls. The name “pulled tea” comes from the the pouring motion that is key to making the drink.

This technique cools the tea to a drinkable temperature, mixes the ingredients, somehow tempers the flavor, and provides a frothy, foamy top to the drink. It is a food that Malaysia claims as its own, although many of the Southeast Asian countries have similar sweetened, milky tea/coffee drinks. (Thai iced tea, anyone?)

Here’s one delicious mug from a typical Malay restaurant in Melaka, Malaysia. Mmm.

One delicious, perfect mug of teh tarik!

This video of a some nighttime food hawker stalls in Malaysia give you a good idea of what a basic teh tarik is like (just watch the first few seconds for an idea, and keep watching if you want to see a typical nighttime food stall area):

Or it can be a sport for a showman:

Stay tuned — recipe coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Malaysian Teh Tarik

  1. Wasn’t there a pic of you doing this recently on FB? That explains it!

    I will relish your posts on Malaysia and its food–so glad you’re sharing! I’m determined to try some of it out. I never know when my next Lin visit will be!

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