Bacon & Ben

This is my buddy Ben — he is super smart, super funny, and super cool. Ben originally hails from North Carolina and has such an interesting background that I couldn’t possible summarize it well in one paragraph.

Along with being all of those things, we share an unnatural and delicious affinity for all things bacon. I don’t allow myself to purchase bacon often because it seems I can eat 1/2 a pound in about 2.5 days, even when “rationing it out” slowly… That delicious, crispy goodness is just too much for me to handle 🙂

A while ago, before we became good friends, Ben and I made the bacon connection. I confessed my weakness for bacon and he agreed: “Even all those years I was a vegetarian, I still never forgot my love for bacon.” And with that, our friendship has ever been linked with pork.

Ben has also been by my side for one of the most stressful rides of my graduate career — the application to PhD programs. Although he is applying to a very different academic field, he has been an incredible support throughout. We even through a little party at the end of our application process, which I will tell Don The Apron! readers about soon 🙂

Last week we commiserated about how we had not yet been accepted to any PhD programs, and had in fact been turned down from several… We both knew denials were to be expected but the thought of potential full-failure was discouraging, so to bouy ourselves up we made an appointment for breakfast the next week.

We ate at Harry’s Coffee Shop in La Jolla, which has to be one of my absolute favorite places in San Diego. It is an old-school diner/coffee shop that is filled with locals who look like they’ve been there since the 1930s. The coffee shop itself looks like fixtures haven’t been changed since the late 1960s, and although everything is a little worn it is very well taken care of. People are friendly (a mix of youngsters like us up those collecting Social Security) and the waitresses are sweet. The menu is your standard diner-type food, with quite a wide selection of foods at a fair price (especially in La Jolla!).

But why did we go to Harry’s? Because of their crispy bacon waffle — a waffle with a batter infused with small pieces of crispy, fried bacon, and topped with two crisp strips of bacon. Decadent. And delicious. Add unlimited mediocre coffee and you’ve got the perfect recipe to drown one’s sorrows away!

Yet this turned into a commiseration/congratulation party — because Ben had just found out he’d been accepted into his first program. YEA BEN! 😀 So we ended up splitting a bacon waffle and an order of chicken fried steak for an extremely indulgent and enjoyable start to our morning. 🙂


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