My cooking wish list

I believe very strongly in being able to do things with a minimal amount of equipment, but there are a few things I still sigh for… I really need to start trolling yard sales…

  • An electric mixer. Be it stand or hand, goodness gracious I need one. My baking options are sorely limited because I don’t have the arm power to cream butter and sugar by hand! This is my number 1 longing!
  • Loaf pans. Why don’t I have any?! I think my roommates always had them. I’ve had to make banana bread in a round cake tin for the past four years.
  • Muffin/cupcake tins. I have one 6-cup that I received in college (thanks, Paula!) but would like a larger one that holds a dozen. Call me silly but I worry about the quickbread dough sitting out while one batch is baking — I don’t want my babies to be tough because of excess gluten formation!
  • Nesting stainless steel bowls. Right now I have one mixing bowl, which is actually a beautiful basket-weave ceramic serving bowl I got at an outlet for $1. It is also currently serving as “fruit bowl no. 2” due to our massive produce purchases of late… I did have a big plastic popcorn bowl I was using as a mixing bowl but that has been living at Jarlos’s for, oh, six months now. I suspect I have to pay ransom to get it back 😉
  • Food processer. I hear these make life easy.
  • Blender. My mom has the king of blenders, and we love it so much that she brings the blender to parties at other friends’ homes to mix up post-feast smoothies. No joke.
  • Mandoline. I tried slicing beets thinly a few weeks ago. In one word: laughable.

While I’m at it, here are some of my favorite kitchen things:

  • Mini spatulas (and spatulas in general). This little buddy (actually a “mini spoonula” due to the curved spoon shape) gets all the good stuff out of my cans, packages, etc. Especially recommend for those frugalistas out there.
  • Good knives. Really all you need is a chef’s knife and a paring knife. I have a huge Chinese cleaver that I left in Iowa and kind of miss.
  • A way to sharpen your knives. Whetstone or sharpening stick, both are great. I don’t trust a chef who doesn’t keep their knives sharp.
  • Pyrex measuring cup. The old favorite for liquids and microwaving.
  • An 8″ frying pan. Perfect for eggs, my favorite food.

Things I don’t think you need:

  • Rice cooker. Just learn to make it on the stove, unless you eat a lot of rice. Although Rowena recently posted about how much she loves hers for quick meals — there definitely are other things you can make in a rice cooker. 🙂

And off the top of my head, a few wishful splurges:

How about you? What are some things you can’t live without, some things you dream of, and some things you think are silly? I’d love to hear!


2 thoughts on “My cooking wish list

  1. The Vitamix really is king of blenders, my mom has been using one for years.

    I would love anything from Le Creuset, those things last a lifetime. Not a fan of my current pots and pans.

    I have been searching everywhere for a whisker, would die for one of those. Have been using a fork and all my arm power to cream that butter and sugar!

  2. This sounds like a graduation gift hint list… 😉

    I’m with you on the dutch oven. I keep thinking “Why didn’t I ask for this sooner? Now I have to wait until I get married!” And on the VitaMix: This is like the Holy Grail, must-have <> I’ve been reading about on all the raw food blogs (best warranty, can “drive” it like a car), but am majorly put off by the plastic jugs. $400 and you can’t choose glass? I like to puree soups, but probably wouldn’t without my glass blender jug.

    On the electric mixer/creaming butter and sugar: Ladies, are you not letting your butter soften to room temperature? Just curious. This makes hand mixing seem like the most heavenly of tasks; you end of folding more than anything.

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