A little surprise, having it your way…

When you see this set up, what sort of place do you think of?

Oddly enough, this is at  McDonalds, the “fancy” Bistro Gourmet Micky-Dees in Del Mar. Sithu and I had heard of this legendary place and made plans on Sunday to try it out… Even the decor is different and rather surreal — the “sea scene” was the ceiling!

Here’s the women’s bathroom:

They serve an assortment of pastas, salads and paninnis, and it is actually a “normal” McD and a “fancy” place in one — so along with your roasted red pepper and brie soup of the day you can order a Big Mac, should you be so inclined.

Hmm, what should I order?

Sithu ordered the Philly Steak Melt, side of fries, and a sweet tea 🙂 He said it was really good!

While I got the pasta with peppers and steak. Unfortunately not the best (or most visually appealing) thing I’ve ever eaten, but not bad. They’re able to make these dishes using similar ingredients — the garlic bread on my pasta is the same as the bun for the panini, and the steak is the same thin-cut beef. Both our entrees were about $6.

All in all, a very fun excursion. I would recommend it just for the uniqueness factor, but not really for the food. However, a quick visit to the classy McDonalds does make a study day go by faster!


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