A breath of sanity during finals

Hello everyone! I’m back from Brazil, tanned and relaxed like nobody’s business 🙂 And pumped to start posting again!

Here’s a little something taken during final exams last quarter. No matter how hard one prepares, the time around finals always ends up being CRAZY. Yet the Sunday before finals week, Alixa and I decided to take a few hours and spend some much needed time together catching up. We planned an early breakfast at Bread and Cie, and spent two delightful hours laughing at our sleep-deprived selves and the oddness that is our lives. It also happened to be daylight savings that day so there was even less sleep than normal!

We both had slices of their decadent quiches, and Alixa had a great latte and I had some looseleaf tea.

Something that I have learned over and over again through the years as a very achievement-oriented person is that it is less about one’s accomplishments and more about the relationships you make… I think no matter what I will end up pushing myself hard, but I derive real joy from the friendships that come down my path. So thankful for the wonderful people I have met in this Masters program!


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