Brazil: Helio’s Farm and Late Night Dinner

After arriving in Sao Paulo, Coralie and our good friend (and fellow grad school alum) Helio came to pick me up and go straight to his family’s second home, a farm in a small town about 3 hours outside of Sao Paulo.

While we were there his family spoiled us with an amazing amount of care and love. The farm is just a total piece of paradise, perfect for vacationing/long weekends out of the city, complete with a pool:

Lots of animals:

A pond, complete with fish:

Helio’s grandfather even built several miniature replicas of important town buildings, like the church, train station, and mayor’s house:

And plenty of sporting areas, like a soccer field and a tennis court:

Our day winding down, happy, full and relaxed, we sat in their bar area with a few drinks and some cards, just enjoying each other’s company:

It was quite late (9ish?) when we were surprised by Helio’s grandmother, announcing that dinner was served! Most of us were still stuffed from the huge late lunch that his family had prepared… But no matter — tortas awaited us!

The three tortas (savory pie) were artichoke, ham and cheese, and chicken. The fillings were moist and rather rich, and the crust was heavy as well. They were served with pasta, which is quite common in Brazil, due to the Italian influence in the country.

This was followed by some sort of sweet, frozen dessert:

And so we ended our first day at the farm, full, happy, joyful, and loved just like family. 🙂


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