Brazil: Churrasco

Brazilians love their churrasco and even more so their picanha. For those of you that are unfamiliar with these terms, I am talking about barbecue and top sirloin (or rump cover), respectively.

After a warm greeting from Helio’s family and a lovely tour of the property, we all reunited at the churrasco area where we ate like kings. Unlimited grilled picanha, linguiça (sausage), chicken and T-bone steaks accompanied with rice, beans, vinagrete (which is similar to salsa), farofa (powder-like substance made from yucca flour) and more! Let us not forget the cerveja estupidamente gelada and home-made cachaça. Very delicious spread of food, something I will surely never forget.

Let me take a moment to relate Brazilian hospitality to their way of eating meat. Always cut into small pieces and shared with all at the table, it makes for a truly enjoyable experience!

To start off the churrasco, a huge chunk of picanha:

Some linguiça:


T-bone steaks:

The Bertachini family, hard at work on the grill:

Picanha seasoned with rock salt (notice the fat which gives this meat a particularly rich, juicy taste):

Helio and grandma Bertachini, the chefs!

Enjoyed with rice, beans, vinagrete and farofa…

A typical plate of Brazilian food, with family and friends! 🙂


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