Southern tour

My goodness. I arrived home late last night after a whirlwind trip to the Southeast, where I’ll be moving this summer! It was a bit overwhelming at first but then quickly transitioned into a wonderful time of meeting up with old friends and exploring bits of what my new life will be for the next few years.

I would never say I was “Southern,” but spending about a quarter of my life down there has made me love the area very much. It is amazing to me to be able to COME BACK to a place where I have friends… Having moved around so much of my life (and to so many cities where I knew nobody), I was pleasantly surprised and just happy by all the warmth that surrounded me. It was really good to see my parents again as well, as they came down for the visit, too. 🙂

One thing I do have to say is that I am going to have to watch what I eat! 🙂 I met up with so many friends and ate so many good things while I was there… Self-control when it comes to food is no easy task for me, and I found myself saying things like: “No, Lin, you do not need to eat chicken and biscuits with sausage gravy at 7:10 AM. This is not your last time in a Southern diner. You will have plenty of other opportunities.”

I had a great chat with Connie, one of my (many) pescatarian friends, about reducing meat in one’s diet, and after two beef-heavy weeks in Brazil and the full onslaught of delicious Southern fried treats, I’m going to take a week off of meat — recipes will probably be up next week. Like any good Chinese girl I do love my pork, but I think a bit of a cleanse is due.

Ironically enough I have a spate of burger-related posts set up to hit this week 😉 I didn’t want to officially call it “burger week,” but…


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