The Hodad’s Bacon Burger

With my time in San Diego winding down, I’ve been trying to change “we should do that sometime” to “let’s set a date now!” just because every minute is so precious.

What is a Hodad? It’s essentially a guy posing as a surfer, but who really can’t surf… But in our case, it is a burger joint by the beach (Ocean Beach) that serves up some of the world’s best burgers.

Ben, my bacon-loving buddy, found out about the Hodad’s bacon burger through the grapevine. This restaurant is actually quite the San Diego establishment, very popular with locals (over 800 reviews on Yelp!) and even tourists, having been featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (the video is totally worth watching!):

If your mouth isn’t watering at this point… 😉

So what makes the Hodad’s bacon burger so special? Bacon is boiled, strained, shredded, and then cooked like a patty — HOLY COW!!! Add to that amazingly fresh ingredients and a very generous size and you have a recipe for deliciousness.

The menu is simple and to the point, with just a few other non-burger items. In order to get the full experience we ordered one of their famous colossal milkshakes (there seriously must’ve been about 1/4 a gallon of ice cream in that thing — I mean, check out the double-scoop ice cream garnish on the top! — and it was only $4.75!) plus a side of onion rings and french fries, and we were ready to go!

Did we like it? Undoubtedly. It was seriously one of the best, most decadent burgers I’ve ever eaten, and I think I need to go back for more, even if it did take five years off my life! I’ll leave you with the recipe, in case you’re interested in cooking up your own, and action shots of Ben and I taking our first bites… 🙂

Till next time 🙂


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