Jayne’s Gastropub

After the success of the Hodad’s bacon burger, Ben and I decided to try our luck at Jayne’s Gastropub for their current burger special: one delicious Jayne Burger and a beer on-tap for $15.

Jayne’s is an amazing little jewel tucked into the University Heights area. Boasting a chic, comfortable atmosphere, it’s a cozy little restaurant with an open kitchen and staff that make you feel right at home.

The decorating style is both eclectic and warm:

And the drink menu seems just about the right size:

The food itself is upscale pub fare, and the execution on our burgers was top-notch. The beef is from Nieman Ranch, which specializes in humanely-raised, vegetarian-fed livestock. This was complemented by homemade pickled onion, Vermont cheddar, garlic aioli (think garlic mayo), and delicious, thin-cut fries. I am more than ready to head back to try their other offerings!


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