Flip Burger Boutique: Atlanta

Capping off my trip down South was a lunch with the ever lovely Miss Connie, one of my girlfriends from work. She suggested we go to Flip Burger Boutique, a decision which ended up being just about perfect.

Flip’s menu takes the traditional burger and looks for different ways to present it. With an array of traditional (fries) and not-so-traditional sides (warm Moroccan cauliflower salad), plus an emphasis on in-season produce, Flip provides a chic and delicious meal.

I had the farm burger (organic grass-fed beef, smoked mayo, heirloom tomato, local lettuce, grilled vidalia onion, b&b pickles) and a side of smoky jalapeno slaw. Connie had their tuna tartare burger (tuna, sambal, pine nuts, garlic, wasabi mayo, avocado, carrots, togarashi, cucumber & soy mango yolk) and Caesar salad. We both ordered our burgers in a lettuce wrap.

The beef was perfectly cooked, with a great juxtaposition of flavors — a very well done “basic” burger with enough twists (and the small-farm feel) that left me very satisfied. I am a sucker for cabbage salads, and the jalapeno slaw, although not very spicy, was also well-balanced and a nice complement to the beef.

In addition to their food, Flip offers a great drink menu. I had their version of a John Daly (an alcoholic Arnold Palmer), which is typically made with lemonade and sweet tea vodka. Flip’s version was frosty and delicious, made with sweet tea vodka shaken with a gorgeous lemon sorbet. I think there was an ingredient or two more in there, but I can’t remember… 🙂 Regardless, delicious, refreshing, and a great drink to celebrate my week in the South.

Finally, Connie and I finished off our meal by splitting one of Flip’s shakes: Coffee and Doughnut, made with coffee ice cream, bits of Krispy Kreme, and topped off with whipped cream and chocolate covered espresso beans. The half portion was just right, and a great way to top off our meal. 🙂

Thanks Connie, hopefully I will see you again soon!


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