Brazil: Beach breakfast

Our first morning in Brazil, Coralie and I woke up, brushed our teeth, and stepped out to Ipanema beach.

Yes, we did sing “The Girl From Ipanema” 🙂

(or this version, which is what I grew up with and just adore)

After surveying the beach (look at how it just keeps st-r-eeeee-t-c-h-i-n-g out!) and a quick dip by both of us, we decided to rustle up some breakfast before spending the day at the beach…

Our breakfast was both filling and light, perfect for a day in the sun and heat. We started with acai, a common meal or snack which is essentially an acai berry smoothie, often bulked up with protein powder, granola, sliced bananas and other fruit, or ground peanuts. Our acai was served plain.

In addition, we both had breakfast toast served on the typical Brazilian small loaves (I can’t remember what they are called), which are very common and sold by the kilo, rather by the number of loaves.

I enjoyed what would become my typical breakfast drink, a small demitasse cup of espresso. Coralie laughed at me — in the US, she’s the one that begins her day with a coffee, but here it was me… Regardless, I loved my morning cup. 🙂

We finished off breakfast with the juice of two young coconuts, drinking the refreshing and cool agua de coco and then having the beach cafe open up the coconut husk so we could enjoy the pulp.

All in all, a lovely start to our morning and set us up nicely for further beach adventures ahead…


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