Brazil: Rio Beach Food

Spending a day on Ipanema beach doing nothing but sipping ice-cold coconut water and snacking on whatever came our way was the only way to get a taste of true “carioca” life…

When you spend a day at the beach in Rio, food and drink come to you without having to lift even one finger. As long as you don’t mind the screaming vendors passing your way, you can pretty much get your fill without having to leave the comfort of your own towel.

To start off our day of snacking at the beach, a few “empadas” or savory pies…

Then came along the shrimp man. Shrimp on a stick anyone?

Some “matte” or iced tea to quench the thirst.

More snacks on a stick. This time it was the cheese man who caught our attention. He grills the cheese (queijo coalho) on hot coals and then sprinkles some oregano before handing it over. I believe in this picture he was taking a rest under someone else’s shade. That beautiful sunny day, Lin and I definitely got our fill on Rio beach food! 🙂


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