Mexico: Lobster in Puerto Nuevo

Three of my absolute most favorite things:

  1. Good friends
  2. Seeing new sights
  3. Delicious food

Add them all together and you have me in bliss 🙂

Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, Mexico is known solely for its California Spiny Lobsters, or langostas. The small town has many, many restaurants, all serving local lobster. Coralie volunteered to drive some of us down to enjoy some delicious seafood before many of us left Southern California.

Jesus himself welcomed us south 😉

We started out the meal with some fresh shrimp cerviche — amazingly fresh and oh so tasty. Cerviche is citrus-marinated seafood, where the acidity of the juice actually cooks the meat. Mmm. Here I’ve loaded up a chip with cerviche, avocado, lime and a smidge of hot sauce:

Add to that a variety of salsas, freshly fried tortilla chips, a pitcher of margaritas and a pretty breathtaking ocean view…

Each “small” lobster was $20 and came with a full set of side dishes: rice, beans, and fresh, homemade flour tortillas (to die for!).

Afterwards we went walking around the little town and although we had spent all our cash on lobster, some of the storekeepers were open to joking around… Not quite kosher, but still funny 🙂

For those of you who have braved the US/Mexico border around San Diego, you’ll know that the trip back can be pretty tiring — lots of traffic as you wait to get through customs. However I’ve never really minded the last bit (probably because I never was the one driving!), mainly because of the “border churros” which are some of my favorite things in the world. Nothing like deep fried, sugary, cinnamon-y dough to get me smiling 🙂


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