Curry Goat Roti

As you can see, the curry goat roti is not for the faint of heart…

I was lucky enough to eat a couple of these during my trip to Trinidad this summer. Usually served in a roadside “roti shop”, you can choose from a variety of meats including chicken, duck, goat and beef, which they wrap up in your choice of roti, usually dhal puri (essentially a roti filled with crushed yellow split peas) or buss up shot.

The curry goat roti featured here is made up of dhalpuri, curry goat, curry garbanzo beans and potatoes, and lots of hot pepper (because that’s how I like it!) You will be sure to make a mess of yourself after eating one, but who doesn’t enjoy that?

1 thought on “Curry Goat Roti

  1. dude, that is intense. 🙂 i don’t think i’ve ever eaten goat before… but a goat has eaten my hair before (at a petting zoo when i was a kid)… lol 🙂

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