Cranberry Raisin Orange Scones

I must admit that I haven’t been too good about posting these past few months. Thanks for calling me out on that, Lin! 🙂

I’ve been blessed with a lighter schedule this quarter, and found myself baking scones on a Monday night. The recipe is pretty foolproof and the scones were incredibly flaky and buttery.

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A Few Words From The Minimalist

A few gems from Mark Bittman.

And I discovered that you never cook with someone else without learning something. In every case, there’s a two-way transfer of knowledge.

To me the question was not, “Would I cook this as a native would?” but rather, “How would a native cook this if he had my ingredients, my kitchen, my background?” It’s obviously a different dish. But as Jacques Pépin once said to me, you never cook a recipe the same way twice, even if you try. I never maintained that my way of cooking was the “best” way to cook, only that it’s a practical way to cook. (I’m lazy, I’m rushed, and I’m not all that skillful, and many people share those qualities.)

Part of my reasoning in going to the opinion section is to advocate, essentially, for eaters’ rights. But the response of good cooks, and those of us who write about cooking, must be to continue to look for ways to bring real food to all of our tables.

Mark Bittman, in The New York TimesThe Minimalist Makes His Exit

Malaysia: Satay Night

These pictures don’t do this food justice, but I had to blog about one of my absolute favorite Malaysian dishes, and something that recently made the rounds as a popular appetizer.

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International Soft Serve

I am not a fan of most processed foods. If I’m going to indulge, I’d rather eat a decadent dessert or high-fat pasta, all made with real ingredients… But there’s something about the creamy goodness of a McDonald’s soft serve that always calls my name…

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Bruce Cost Quote

Via David Lebowitz’s blog:

Just because you’re from a country doesn’t mean you’re a good cook of that country’s food. There’s a lot of bad Chinese cooks in China and bad American cooks in America.

— Bruce Cost, chef