Love and Chicken Nuggets

I recently attended the wedding of a dear, dear friend of mine.

I got to give a toast at the rehearsal dinner and is it no surprise that I bawled like an absolute baby through the whole thing? And not that pretty, tears-dropping-like-pearls, super t0uching cry, either!

Now my friend John has a bit of a thing for chicken nuggets, something that any of us from his college days can attest to. One year his friends threw him a chicken nugget themed birthday party, where everyone brought a different type of nugget to share. This is a love that even his Facebook profile proclaims:

At the rehearsal dinner, one of his groomsmen brought up a funny story during his toast:

We all knew John was serious about this girl when he became a vegetarian… Our John, giving up chicken nuggets? This was the real deal.

Although I can’t say that she was 100% the cause of his vegetarianism, it gave us all a good laugh (much needed after my weepfest), and reminded me of the things both large and small that go into making a relationship.

All my love to the new couple 🙂


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