International Soft Serve

I am not a fan of most processed foods. If I’m going to indulge, I’d rather eat a decadent dessert or high-fat pasta, all made with real ingredients… But there’s something about the creamy goodness of a McDonald’s soft serve that always calls my name…

These photos were taken in Malaysia, but the beauty (?) of “Mac D’s” (as my Malaysian aunt calls it), is that you can get this almost anywhere.

When I was a student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, I used to walk by a “Maccas” (as the Aussies call it) on my way to class downtown. Soft serve was oddly cheap (at US $0.13 a cone), and I often let myself indulge… My time in Sydney was one of the happiest and most formative times in my life, so perhaps it’s no surprise that I have such good emotions associated with said ice cream.

My brother loves this soft serve as well, so we took a few pictures to tell him we missed him 🙂

All this has me craving a visit to our local “Mickey Dees” for my own cone… 🙂 What are your fast food guilty pleasures?


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