Happy Year of the Rabbit :)

So I’m several days late to the game… To be honest, I’m a bit bummed that I am not celebrating with my family — either my family in Iowa or those in Malaysia — and somehow in my old age I am getting a bit more nostalgic!

I did spend the eve of NYEve with friends at a local Szechuan (四川) Chinese restaurant (class schedules prevented us from actually meeting NYE as is traditional, dang you school for always getting in the way!), and we ate some delicious food, including the auspicious 饺子 (jiaozi = dumplings!) and a spicy lobster dish. The host and I were the two best with our chopsticks, so I played the role of Chinese mommy and took out lobster meat from the tricky shell for the other dinner-goers. We spent the night discussing traditions and just enjoying some time off. 🙂

Also, I meant to do a post with an easy Chinese New Year food, but things have been so hectic around here I couldn’t even get that together. Lol. So I am celebrating in my heart and sending love to everyone across the globe!

Does your culture have any holidays that are particularly family-oriented?


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