CSA Box: Week 3

Hello dears! I so wish I could’ve taken y’all to the market with me today… Or at least brought my camera! Farms are ramping up and tables were heavy with bounty.

My CSA box veggies are all new to me except for the (still relatively new-to-me) green garlic:

  • Swiss chard — seriously, how beautiful are these stems? I want their wardrobe!
  • Purple top turnips — again, what a color combination. Purple + white + green = love.
  • Green garlic — I couldn’t resist… Might as well enjoy them before they turn into real garlic!
  • Fennel — I have a crush on my wee bulb of fennel. The fronds remind me of a dreamy dill-like sea plant.

There was a farm selling green garlic that must’ve been three feet long. THREE FEET! Sam was there with the Pig cart, wearing fluorescent pink socks. Piles upon piles of gorgeous turnips, radishes, leafy vegetables, bok choy, with even more variety than last week. A camera crew was taking in all the sights. And everywhere I turned the sweet, sweet scent of fresh strawberries wafted through the hot and humid air. All in all, totally lovely.

I must’ve hit some spring fever myself (or is it summer, because honestly, the temperatures have me wilting!). I requested a ton of produce in this week’s box, but I couldn’t resist dropping another four dollars once at the market for some smoothie-bound curly kale [been dreaming of more green smoothies since using up last week’s kale] and a little kohlrabi. Unfortunately I was 50 cents short or I would’ve picked up some fresh cilantro, too. But then again, perhaps that was for the best!

I used the remainder of my week’s allotment and got more meat to freeze:

  • Ground pork – a Chinese cook can never have enough of this around!
  • Hot breakfast sausage – perhaps for some Southern-style biscuits and sausage gravy?
  • Pork bones – for some simple Chinese broth soups (such as 老火湯), although the package was pretty big (almost five pounds!)

Unfortunately it’s finals week, so I can’t really do anything with my fun toys ’till Friday night, after my first exam is done (sigh!). Any suggestions? Any recommendations for what to do with pork bones? 🙂 Back to my study cave…


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