Malaysia: Toast and Kaya

Why am I smiling so hugely? Probably because I have one of my favorite breakfasts at my fingertips… 🙂

Kaya on toast is a simple but common breakfast in Malaysia. It is made by toasting white bread over a charcoal grill, then scraping most of the burnt bits off. The bread is then spread with margarine/butter and kaya, a type of sweet coconut custard spread, which I’ll be showing you how to make soon!

It is all packed in a little plastic baggie and tied neatly with a raffia string — “optimized for mobile eating.” Around my other wrist is a bag full of kopi peng, or iced coffee, made strong, sweet and milky. If you look carefully at the picture you can see a little straw poking out of the bag — perfect for drinking on the go!

I’ll leave you with a picture of the scenic historic area where we purchased the food…


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