Kepong food market, Malaysia

Well hello there! I’ve been gone quite a while (three months, in fact). You know it’s bad when your dad starts dropping hints to start posting again 😉 This summer ended up being much busier than I expected, but so goes life. I have a lot of fun stuff to share, though, having traveled back to Asia and San Diego in my time away. Let’s jump right back in to new postings, shall we?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — I love going to the market in any place I visit. Whether it’s a sleek linoleum and glass affair or a dusty roadside stall, I do think you begin to really understand a country when you see how people eat. I grabbed my camera and followed my aunt to the market in Kuala Lumpur that my family has been shopping at for decades.

Outdoor Chinese markets in Malaysia are a study in chaos. But if you look closely, there exists some order in the mess. You usually can buy a bit of everything under the sun: housewares, clothing, books and dvds.

The large ones have walkways that stretch through mazes of merchandise, tables, and people. It can be quite overwhelming at first.

But then you start to notice that each table has some sort of theme. Here we have various sizes/grades of fresh shrimp:

While this vendor sells various tofu products: tofu skins and tofu balls.

Some produce…

I thought this stall was particularly great. It sells packaged foods, like all these special fish balls. However, if you ask, they’ll sell them to you by weight — so you don’t have to purchase a full package if you don’t want to.

This first photo from the fishmonger is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

And there’s plenty of fish at the market… Makes sense when your country is a peninsula 🙂

Chinese are infamous for enjoying many kinds of meat — both species and cuts. Here we have frogs and eels:

Many slabs of pork, including belly and trotters:

Black chickens, used for medicinal soups:

You get to know your vendors, like the pork seller.

Different varieties of noodles:

Sugar cane, chives, and bird chili peppers, among other things.

There’s always a bit of everything, and that’s why I love them. Sticky from the tropical heat, jostled by the grandmas focused on finishing their shopping, guided by my aunt who knows which stalls to beeline towards before the good stuff is gone, I always feel so alive every time I visit.

[If you enjoyed this visual overview of markets, note that there’s more to come!]


2 thoughts on “Kepong food market, Malaysia

    • thanks, bud! i bet it would be… combining the powers of jewish and chinese healing food would be out of this world 🙂 lol. loving the current series on $5/day — I’m cheering ya on!

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