Pigs in a blanket

Sometimes people ask me, “do you really eat like this?” I get confused, what does this mean? I do eat a lot of produce, minimally purchase processed foods, and avoid artificial anythings. Yet even I have my vices.

I figured I should be real, and ‘fess up to making these. But I’m not going to take all the credit for this, and instead am throwing a good friend of mine under the bus 😉 She had given up meat for Lent and asked for these for our Easter brunch. I was only too happy to oblige!

So pigs in a blanket are a traditional American snack. I actually made myself ill testing these, not because of the volume of hot dogs, but rather because it had been so long since I’d eaten something so processed. But why should I have suffered in vain!? On behalf of my poor stomach, I’m going to document and give you the secrets to making the perfect, snacking pigs in a blanket. You shouldn’t need a recipe, it’s pretty clear. Instead, here are some tips from someone who actually spent an afternoon trying to perfect these.

First, the ingredients should be obvious:

  • Hot dogs. Get the “good” ones (aka Hebrew National)
  • Refrigerated flaky roll dough, which unrolls into pre-cut triangles
  • Cheese
I also attempted wrapping them in bacon but, uncooked, the bacon was much too fatty and just killed the other ingredients. If I cooked the bacon slightly I had trouble wrapping the hot dogs without resorting to toothpicks. So after several failed attempts I just gave up.
There are a few tips that work best:
  • Cut your hot dogs in half, then a standard triangle of dough will wrap well around the hot dog
  • Make the cheese slits deep, so you can better fit in however much cheddar you’d like
  • Don’t overbake… Those processed doughs don’t do so well!

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