Brunch at Geer Street Garden, Durham

The past few weekends I’ve had my Sunday brunch at Geer street, and I wanted to share some of the tastiness with y’all 🙂

Here’s how it works. Brunch is $11, and you pay at the bar. It includes the full buffet (as many plates as you’d like), coffee (serve yourself at the edge of the bar), or you can ask the ‘tender for tea or other soft drinks.

Alcohol is extra, and after noon (thanks, blue laws!) you can have some of the delicious bloody mary bar (I don’t have a picture, but the bartender will pour yourself a pint glass of bloody mary and unleash you on a row of mason jars filled with all sorts of tasties: horseradish, veggies, even bacon), a beer, or a drink from the full bar.

The brunch is pretty solid — as long as you don’t mind pre-cooked food in chafing dishes — the quantity/quality ratio is much higher here than some other local bruncheries. The food is cooked in relatively small portions, continually refreshed, and is made with fresh, “real” ingredients. I think they’ve found a good choice balance: not too many options, but enough that you’ll be pleasantly satisfied.

A few choices change every week, some “new” things I’ve seen pass through include:

  • deviled eggs
  • southwestern chicken + rice casserole
  • fried chicken (but “catfish” style, if that makes sense) + mashed potatoes

Some of the “regulars” seem to be:

  • quiche
  • dreamy french toast
  • local greens salad
  • fruit salad
  • potato hash (both vegetarian and non-veggie versions)
  • hand-formed sausage patties + bacon
  • biscuits (my one beef… they’re not warm. but still surprisingly ok.)

I have one friend who has been at brunch for six weeks straight now. SIX! They should give him a frequent-visitor punchcard.

Geer has a corner location with very, very small signage. The first time I went there I definitely drove past it, wondering if I had just passed it (this was before I had a smartphone). The restaurant used to be a gas station, and it’s been wonderfully repurposed, with exposed brick walls and a fun, unstuffy feel. If it’s warm enough (and it has been ’till the cold snap we got this past week… in mid-December… ;)) you can sit on the outside patio where there are plenty of picnic benches and umbrellas. I’ve seen people of all ages out at brunch, and it’s a easy place to bring kids. Dogs are also welcome outside!

The details:
Geer Street Garden
644 Foster Street, Durham, NC 27701

Brunch is $11 on Sundays, starting at opening (10:30am) and going ’till 2pm.
Bloody mary bar (not included in brunch price) begins at noon.


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