Michael Brinkley on Brinkley Farms

Just checked the Brinkley Farm website (my CSA provider), and they’ve updated with a short video from the Southern Foodways Alliance interviewing owner Michael Brinkley, third generation North Carolina farmer (and the nicest guy, ever!).

I used to gauge if I wanted to plant a new product if daddy shook his head and said “What in the hell is this?” then it was gonna do pretty good.

Click here for more short videos documenting Southern farmers, restaurants, and other food-related items.

Carmelized Shallot and Sundried Tomato Macaroni and Cheese

Bits and pieces of this recipe popped up in my head this week and just wouldn’t let go ’till I made it. 🙂 It’s a creamy, decadent take on the American comfort food classic, full of flavor, and made start-to-finish on the stovetop.

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Coconut Milk, Granola, and Berry Parfait

An easy, non-dairy riff on the ol’ yogurt parfait. Except, in my opinion, even better! It is so simple that I debated not posting — but honestly, it’s so good it needs to be shared.


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