Welcome, summer! + CSA for the week

My goodness, it IS May already.


It’s been quite the past few months. Some big milestones personally and professionally. Many airline miles logged. Quite a few delicious things. And not so much time to blog about them in. However, I’m thoroughly looking forward to this summer — I feel it in my bones, it’s gonna be a good one. 🙂

But till then, I leave you with a picture of this week’s CSA and farmer’s market haul. Here we have:

  • Arugula, still young and a smidge spicy
  • Cress, which was super peppery… too much so to eat as a plain salad — I’m thinking how to cook this to mellow/balance the flavors
  • White stemmed bok choy, already consumed as a simple stir fry with garlic, soy sauce, white pepper and five spice powder
  • Kale, my eternal hipster love
  • A dozen farm eggs with the happiest, bright yellow yolks
  • One pint no, quart of sweet strawberries
  • And the next-to-last jar of North Carolina spring wildflower honey

6 thoughts on “Welcome, summer! + CSA for the week

  1. Great haul in your CSA basket. I love watercress but surprisingly 🙂 it takes so much water to grow that it is never featured in our CSA.

    • You know, Tammy, I’m not sure if I’ve ever eaten watercress! Do you have any suggestions as to how to eat it? And it’s new this year for our CSA! They thought it would be more floral, but some of the batch turned out super spicy like mine. 🙂

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