CSA week of May 7th + The Pig’s Bacon Pimento Cheese Hot Dog

Apologies for the pause in writing… A combination of a lot of work + my poor iPhone taking a dive into a watery grave meant no new blogs. In particular, no pictures = no posting! I’m a firm believer that the “best camera for the shot is the camera in your hand,” and the 4S has quickly become my primary camera.
Well, my phone has been somewhat resuscitated and I was able to pull some pictures off it before shutting it down again. Cross your fingers that I can perform some iPhone surgery this week and not have to replace the whole kit and caboodle!

In May 7th’s box we had quite the bevy of greens.

  • Green stemmed bok choy
  • Napa cabbage
  • Curly kale – used for smoothies and an olive/tomato pasta sauce
  • Sugar snap peas
  • Red potatoes – became chorizo and potato, one of my new favorite easy dishes
  • Spring onions – so crisp, tender, and tasty!
  • Pink beefsteak tomatoes – lots of taste, less acidity than the brighter red tomatoes also sold by this farmer. I used these in a Kenyan recipe I’ll post soon!
And for the sake of completeness, in the last box I received the following (but no photo, per the explanation above!). Here’s my little secret — I actually dropped the ball and so they gave me a random box instead of getting to choose. Whoops! But they made some nice choices:
  • Lettuce mix
  • Head of cabbage
  • Fennel
  • Bunch of spring onions
  • Quart of white potatoes
  • 1 lb of peas, unshelled

Finally, my trip to the farmer’s market was capped off by a delicious excursion to The Pig’s mobile hot dog stand. Sam always does such a good job and given that week’s special, I just couldn’t resist.

Can you see it there on the bottom? That’s a homemade bacon pimento cheese hot dog on a freshly baked bun. Their pigs are local, pasture-raised, antibiotic and hormone free. Glorious!

If you’re ever at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market on Wednesday afternoon be sure to check out Sam and his great hot dogs — or go to the restaurant and try all his fantastic offerings! Surprisingly enough he actually has a great selection of vegetarian food items, as well. And if you’re curious, hit up their Facebook page for the Farmer’s Market special.


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