Lobsters in Maine

Well hello, there! I’m returning after an unplanned summer hiatus… Remember those days when summer arrived and school was out for a few months? Yeah, neither do I 🙂 But, when not locked in with my laptop and stacks of academic articles (or accidentally clearing my iPad of all the blog posts I’d drafted out), I did have the chance to attend a few wonderful weddings (and by a few, I mean five). One in particular stood out for its food — so here’s a quick overview of a good friend’s wedding on the northern coast of Maine…

The rehearsal dinner was a simple picnic-style affair, where they bought steamed lobsters directly from a lobsterman and supplemented with their own side dishes and drinks. I have to say, there’s nothing quite as decadent as knowing you have an entire cooler full of hot lobsters waiting for ya. Or having your very own bottle(s) of wine. 😉 Yet the whole affair ended up being pretty cost effective as they had a venue that allowed them to bring in whatever food/drink they desired without extra charge, pretty smart!

The weekend continued with plenty of other lobster opportunities, and I felt it my duty to maximize the situation, of course. I had my first lobster stew, which was rich with butter but not creamy/thickened. My personal favorite was a lobster roll, which is essentially a lobster seafood salad on a buttered roll — simple and delicious. And of course, more steamed lobsters…

I ended the weekend in Portland, Maine, where I had a really lovely lobster truffle mac and cheese (shaved black truffles and white truffle oil). And with that, I was officially lobstered out…

Since leaving Maine, I’ve learned that lobsters are actually at a glut this year, dropping prices for the lobstermen but also bringing up allegations of restaurant price fixing and pushes for cruise lines to buy their surplus. And although the season is nearing an end, you can still catch a few before fall sets in…

And if you’re interested in recreating your own Maine-style feast, try these:

Saveur — A Maine-Inspired Beach Picnic full menu with recipes
Chow — New England Lobster Rolls with mouth watering, step-by-step photos to break down a lobster

And the lobster truffle mac and cheese was a special here (call ahead for current menu):

Five fifty-five
555 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 761-0555


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