The Bloody Brando at Southern Rail

Now that the humidity has finally broken in North Carolina I’d recommend heading over to personal favorite The Station/Southern Rail and enjoying a Bloody Brando on the outside patio — their tasty version of the classic cocktail, a Bloody Mary. The delicious cocktail takes its name from its maker (a local guy named Brandon), who has a wonderfully short and cryptic website dedicated to the tomato mix here.

The Brando goes great with a PBR sidecar, to cut the heaviness of the drink. (ya know, because it’s so healthy. Tomato juice and all that.) If you’re out with friends get some small glasses and split a bottle of the beer — you only need a few sips here and there to cleanse your palate.

The drink has a generous amount of spice (including horseradish) and good quality tomatoes… And it’s $5 all weekend. Plus, it comes garnished with a pickled okra, an olive, and two kinds of citrus. Ain’t nobody gonna get scurvy down here.

Southern Rail / The Station
201-C East Main Street
Carrboro, North Carolina 27510

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