Monuts Donuts: The sweet taste of entrepreneurship

I have been following Monuts Donuts online for months now, but never had the chance to try them (primarily due to their consistent selling out before 10am on a Saturday!). A business begun out of love for food and unemployment, Monuts makes fresh, handcrafted donuts out of local Durham culinary incubator The Cookery and sells them via their delivery bike/trailer (the Monuts trike) around the Triangle area.

A chance encounter with Monuts founder Lindsay Moriarty’s boyfriend Rob (and Monuts champion extraordinaire), and I knew I had to jump on the trike, so to speak! So I locked myself in using what my economist friends call a “commitment device,” and purchased my donuts through the Saturday pre-order. For $12.50 a limited number of people receive a dozen of the donuts of the day — and given that these donuts normally retail for ~$2 each, it’s a great price when you’ve got a group to feed or want to taste all the flavors. After placing your preorder online an invoice will pop into your inbox via Google Checkout for credit card prepayment. Once you’ve paid, attempt to quell your anticipation while waiting for Saturday’s Durham Farmer’s Market to pick up your order!

That week’s offerings included:

  • Vanilla cardamon — such a sophisticated combination of flavors
  • Maple bacon bourbon — oddly enough, my first foray into the sweet/bacon combination. This didn’t disappoint, with good bacon, and just enough bourbon-y flavor in the maple glaze
  • Chocolate coconut — coconut milk glaze with chunks of coconut on a chocolate cake donut, be still my heart!
  • Buttermilk ginga-pear — my roommate said: “This tastes like Christmas.”
  • Vanilla bean — classic!

And the donuts? I found them consistently top-notch. Tender, with a good crumb (for the cake donuts), and lovingly fluffy (for the raised donuts). The flavors were interesting, well balanced, and not overdone, and I was surprised that they weren’t over-sweet. The flavors are ever-evolving and I’ve seen donuts for specific dietary restrictions (such as vegan) on her weekly list.

I had a guest in town for the weekend who is a self-avowed sweets disliker, and after one bite of a Monut he looked up, shocked, and said, “that’s slap yo momma good!”

We arrived just past 8am and already Monuts had a small line. They set up shop on Hunt Street by Cocoa Cinnamon‘s bikeCOFFEE (coincidence!? I think not!) and many of the other prepared food purveyors. It’s right next to a large parking lot, and across the street from the produce market.

The box didn’t include an eclair, likely as those are more expensive, so if you want the full tasting experience make sure to ask what is included the dozen when you pick them up (so you can purchase whatever else you want).

Like its other mobile food counterparts, Monuts has a strong online presence on both Facebook and Twitter. In addition, they are in the process of opening up a storefront (which they tantalizingly have hinted will have more than just sweet donuts) in downtown Durham, and should be beginning their renovations in October. You can physically find them making Friday donut deliveries in the Durham area, at the Saturday Durham Farmer’s Market (but come early and check their Twitter feed, because they sell out!) and can often be found at local food truck events. Check out their website/Facebook/Twitter to keep apprised of the trike’s whereabouts!

Monuts Donuts

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