Tips for the Durham World Beer Festival

The premise behind Beer Fest is simple: buy a ticket, get a tasting glass (with a 2 oz marker), and go from booth to booth sampling beers from all around the world while enjoying music from local bands. What’s fun about the festival is many of the breweries will test out potential new brews or bring in some seasonals, so there’s quite the variety of things to try.

Since the Durham festival is tomorrow (and the Raleigh one about half a year away), I figured I’d throw up some observations from my experience last year 🙂

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Sweet Potato Chipotle Hash

My mom has always maintained that she’s not a great homemaker, she’s just a lazy one. So she’s perfected her own blend of simple, tasty, and efficient meals, as well as little tricks she consistently does around the home to reduce her housework load. My mom always “tut-tuts” at me and my inefficient messes, but some of her desire for simplicity has definitely rubbed off on me — sometimes I think this blog should be renamed “easy things Lin dreams up because she’s a lazy/tired/busy/poor grad student.” And fortunately for us, laziness does not mean un-deliciousness! (Let the internets learn that I’m definitely not an English grad student…)

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