Do you miss Trader Joe’s Vanilla Spiced Chai Coffee?

The blog has received a lot of discussion around the TJ’s Vanilla Chai-Spiced Coffee, which is now apparently discontinued, but seems to be a big favorite!

Trader Joes often does short-run products based on availability. See the first question in their FAQs:

1. How is shopping at Trader Joe’s different from what you may be used to in a supermarket?

At Trader Joe’s, you won’t find a lot of branded items. Instead, you’ll find unconventional and interesting products in the Trader Joe’s label as well as everyday basics. We buy products we think are winners and that’ll find a following among our customers. Sometimes it’s a product we intend to stock as long as it sells well; and sometimes we buy a product which is in limited supply, sell through it, and you won’t find it again. It’s all part of the shopping adventure at Trader Joe’s.

However, they may bring products back if there’s enough interest. So for all you fans out there, here’s the link to the contact form, along with all the information you need to enter to request the return of your beloved spiced coffee:

Product Name: Vanilla Chai-Spiced Coffee
Product SKU #: 98227
Data Code: 00982276

Also, they’ve come out with another limited edition flavored coffee that I think you might like — Pumpkin Spice. I’ll be posting a review of it this week, but spoiler alert, it’s good. Since it is limited edition, I recommend you go and grab a tin (or three).


8 thoughts on “Do you miss Trader Joe’s Vanilla Spiced Chai Coffee?

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  2. Do you think their sales plummeted when I moved?? Miss TJ’s….AND the VCS coffee! Good thing I’ve been rationing my remaining tin…your pumpkin spice description sounds amazing though!

    • Mina, I’m guessing that unit sales of both ice cream and kettle cooked chips dropped significantly in Trader Joe’s Chapel Hill location this fall. The manager looks at me with hopeful eyes every time I walk in…

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  4. I love BOTH the Chai and pumpkin spice – I just used up the very last of the chai and just opened my very last can of pumpkin spice. I believe they are both seasonal and only come out in the winter, this happened to me two years ago, so last fall I bought 6 tins of each. I wish it were year round

    • Now you are a true fan (and bona fide Trader Joe’s hoarder – and with good reason!). I wish it was year round, too, and still check the coffee section with hope every time I visit! Have you ever tried using a scoop of their pumpkin ice cream to sweeten/milk up your coffee? It is delicious and a bit decadent!

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