Sugarland’s Frat Boy Cupcake

Beer, pretzels, and cheese — sounds like a typical frat boy diet, right? Well, what if I told you all that could be found in a cupcake?

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Roasted Root Vegetable Pizza

When I saw the gorgeous pictures of this pizza online a few weeks ago, I immediately bookmarked the recipe and kept returning to it. Great for showcasing the wonderful winter roots and gourds currently in season, when I finally did make the recipe, this pizza didn’t disappoint.

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Saturday morning breakfast at the Durham Farmer’s Market: Monuts and Porchetta

This Saturday I had the morning off, instead of my normal teaching duties, so I decided to make an early trip to the Durham Farmers’ Market to procure some breakfast…

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Pantry Chicken Pot Pie and the Midwestern casserole

There’s a time every fall where I get nostalgic for the Midwest and the church casseroles of my youth. When I was first learning to cook I was amazed at how easy these casseroles were, less about skill and more about assembly, helped primarily through the heavy usage of canned cream of mushroom soup. Tuna noodle, green bean, tater tot — there was a short window of time in college where I churned out these heavy baked dishes like there was no tomorrow.

What can I say — my baby ain’t pretty, but she’s got a great personality.

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Will draw for food – Hurricane Sandy benefit

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let y’all food-interested people know about a neat fundraiser going on tomorrow.

It’s called Will Draw For Food and works like this:

  1. Donate $20 or more, tell them your favorite food
  2. On Friday an artist will draw your food, interpreting it as they will
  3. The donation goes towards the NYC Food Bank

They’ve got a variety of different donation levels (want a food poem?), and although you do give up pretty much all artistic control, regardless you know the money’s going somewhere good.

I will be sure to share my illustration when it arrives! I also happened to be the 100th donor, so supposedly there will be some sort of surprise bonus added in… 🙂

Snakebite Cocktail

Happy Monday! Here’s a quick and delicious shandy (beer cocktail) to kick off your week — or perhaps drown your sorrows that another work week has begun? 🙂

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