Sugarland’s Frat Boy Cupcake

Beer, pretzels, and cheese — sounds like a typical frat boy diet, right? Well, what if I told you all that could be found in a cupcake?

This summer (I know, this was deep in the backlog of posting!) I passed by Sugarland on Franklin Street, and did a double-take at the sign. What was this Frat Boy cupcake?! Curiosity won out and I headed in for a quick study break.

Sugarland is a beloved celebrity in our local food scene, having been featured on CakeSpy and the Food Network’s Kid in the Candy Store, among others. As a bakery, they are known for their cupcakes, gelato, and custom special occasion cakes. They also serve both alcohol and coffee drinks, and are open late for dates or girls’ nights.

From other reports I’ve seen online I think they often vary the different components of the frat boy cupcake, but it always includes a few basics: a chocolate cake (usually fortified with a beer), a buttercream frosting, cream cheese filling, and topped with a salted caramel drizzle and a chocolate covered pretzel.

Beer? Check. Pretzel? Check. (Cream) Cheese? Check!

For this cupcake, the caramel and frosting both had a beer element to them, although my memory fails me (I think there was Sam Adams in the caramel, if I’m not mistaken).

All in all, it was over-the-top and pretty ridiculous, not unlike the frat boys I know. Well played, Sugarland, well played.

140 East Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC

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