Introducing the Local Beer Blog, North Carolina Beer Month, and a Saturday Durham beer tour!

If you know me, you know that two of my main passions in life are food and music – but over all, I prize my relationships with friends and family. It was incredibly exciting for me to see all three come together when I discovered that one of my old friends from our music days, David Ackley, shares his passion for craft beers on the site Local Beer Blog.

Local Beer Blog Ackley

LBB is an extensive, consistently updated site that provides brewery updates, event recaps, industry news, and beer reviews. David’s personal enthusiasm for beer shines through in every post, and he’s been fortunate enough to sample beers all over the world. Currently based and homebrewing in Asheville, NC, you can check out his calendar of local beer events he’s keeping his eye on. David also is for hire as a freelance writer, blogger, or social media manager, so hit him up if you ever have a need!

It was through his site that I learned April is the first ever North Carolina Beer month, which made me very, very happy.


One of the things that struck me about NC was the proliferation of local breweries in the area and the pride people have in supporting them. NC is a state that loves its beer! It only seems right that they celebrate in the first annual North Carolina Beer Month.

If I had to suggest a quick Saturday Durham tour, I’d recommend a designated driver and the following:

  • Start out strong with lunch and a beer at Bull City Burger and Brewery, home of some beautiful beers, fantastic burgers and infamous duck fat fries. Grab dessert there or head across the street for a Monut donut! Or if you’d rather, come for the 4pm brewery tour (unfortunately the donut shop will be closed by then). People are so crazy about their food that they’re willing to tattoo themselves for a discount…!
  • Continue on with the 1pm Saturday tour at Triangle Brewing, which includes generous pours of their beers, growlers for sale, and yard games in the warehouse.
  • Toddle around the corner to catch a few more suds made from NC ingredients at Fullsteam Brewery. If you can’t handle a full glass at this point or want to taste a variety of brews, order your beers in a Laura Ingalls glass, which I’m personally partial to… (Get it? Remember, her father’s nickname for her was “half-pint”!)
  • Pick up a few beers to sample later at Sam’s Quik Shop, a beer specialty store in an unassuming convenience store facade.
  • If you’ve made it this far, finish off with dinner at Tyler’s Taproom in the American Tobacco Historic District, a local chain whose Durham location has 70 beers on tap, many of them local!


The NC Beer Month website is a fantastic resource that provides a lot of information, including:

  • Suggested beer road trip locations and participating breweries
  • A curated Twitter list of North Carolina breweries, beer events and experts
  • List of events and venues by region
  • Discounted vacation packages

Definitely check it out! Happy drinking!

NC Beer Month
April 2013

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