Don the Apron was originally started in 2010 as a way for two good friends to keep in touch while living in different hemispheres. Over the years it has shifted around as we’ve moved (currently we are both stateside but on opposite coasts!) and now primarily focuses on Lin’s cooking and eating in the Chapel Hill/Durham area of North Carolina, with occasional guest posts by Coralie documenting her travels and current favorites.

We are so thankful for the readers who have joined us on this journey, and cherish all your emails, messages, and comments.

Donning the apron together,

Lin and Coralie

(our original, 2010 introduction)

Dear readers,

The brilliant idea of starting a food blog came to us as a way to share our love for cooking but also as a way to keep in touch over the next few years. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures in the kitchen and look forward to getting your feedback. After all, we are but amateurs with a strong passion for all things food-related.

Donning the apron together,

Lin and Coralie

10 thoughts on “About

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  2. Was looking for mung bean recipes and came across your website. Felt like something simple after seeing the tragedy of Japan earthquake, home food and cooking from my mother’s kitchen. The drivers behind your website – friendship and sharing, are good deeds.

  3. Thanks for your kindness in sharing your recipes. Just found the site tonight, Made the chicken and cabbage stir fry. It was delicious even though I didn’t have fresh ginger and had to substitute! I love stir fry but am not too good at it. I appreciate the authentic family recipe.

    • Thanks so much Barbara! It’s a pleasure to write this blog and get to meet people through the internet. Keep going with the stir frying — you’ll get better and better!

  4. Working mom looking for an EASY recipe for my favorite dish from my folks’ home country. Found Lin’s recipe for laksa, and since my name in Lin too, I knew it was serendipity (and by that, I mean google’s glorious search function). Cute blog, thanks for the recipe!

    • Thanks so much for posting, and great to meet another Lin ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad my blog is still helping people even if I have put a hold on posting. Laksa is one of my favorite dishes, too. Mmmm. Hope your kid(s) enjoyed it!

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