Brazil: Moqueca de Namorado

Namorado, which means boyfriend in Portuguese, also refers to the type of fish used in this “moqueca” which is a specialty of Northeastern Brazil (state of Bahia and surrounding regions).

While in Rio, I decided to show Lin Santa Teresa, an artist neighborhood in the style of Montmartre nestled on the top of a hill with breathtaking views of the city. After a grueling couple of hours in buses and metro trying to get there, we landed on a quaint restaurant playing live jazz in the middle of the afternoon. We had to make a stop and see what this place was all about.

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Brazil: Rio Beach Food

Spending a day on Ipanema beach doing nothing but sipping ice-cold coconut water and snacking on whatever came our way was the only way to get a taste of true “carioca” life…

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Brazil: Sushi Rodizio in Sao Paolo

Sao Paolo is home to the largest Asian population in Brazil, as well as the largest Japanese community outside of Japan itself. In my neighborhood of Moema, you will find sushi restaurants on almost every street corner offering “rodizio” (all you can eat) sushi. After months of almost weekly sushi rodizios, James and I settled on the Kanji Lounge as the best in our immediate vicinity.

So to finish off our reunion, Lin, Baker, Niner, Helio, James and I feasted on sushi till our bellies could take no more. Enjoy the pictures from our meal!

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Brazil: Churrasco

Brazilians love their churrasco and even more so their picanha. For those of you that are unfamiliar with these terms, I am talking about barbecue and top sirloin (or rump cover), respectively.

After a warm greeting from Helio’s family and a lovely tour of the property, we all reunited at the churrasco area where we ate like kings. Unlimited grilled picanha, linguiça (sausage), chicken and T-bone steaks accompanied with rice, beans, vinagrete (which is similar to salsa), farofa (powder-like substance made from yucca flour) and more! Let us not forget the cerveja estupidamente gelada and home-made cachaça. Very delicious spread of food, something I will surely never forget.

Let me take a moment to relate Brazilian hospitality to their way of eating meat. Always cut into small pieces and shared with all at the table, it makes for a truly enjoyable experience!

To start off the churrasco, a huge chunk of picanha:

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