Pantry Chicken Pot Pie and the Midwestern casserole

There’s a time every fall where I get nostalgic for the Midwest and the church casseroles of my youth. When I was first learning to cook I was amazed at how easy these casseroles were, less about skill and more about assembly, helped primarily through the heavy usage of canned cream of mushroom soup. Tuna noodle, green bean, tater tot — there was a short window of time in college where I churned out these heavy baked dishes like there was no tomorrow.

What can I say — my baby ain’t pretty, but she’s got a great personality.

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Lemongrass Turkey Burgers + Asian Slaw

When my mother first came to visit me in North Carolina, it was the middle of the humid, heavy Southern summer. “Wow,” she said, “I think it’s hotter than Malaysia here.” Here’s a burger recipe I thought up when missing the flavors of home in my new home.

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Spicy Chicken and Cabbage Stir Fry

Sometimes you come in the front door exhausted from a long day and all you want is a super fast meal that reminds you of home. Here is one of mine. I am personally a big lover of cabbage — not just in raw cabbage salads (seriously could eat those forever), but as a great stir fry ingredient. Cabbage is nutritious, cheap, and filling. It lasts forever in the crisper, emerging like some kind of awesome mummy – just peel away a layer or two and we’re good as gold.

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Malaysia: Satay Night

These pictures don’t do this food justice, but I had to blog about one of my absolute favorite Malaysian dishes, and something that recently made the rounds as a popular appetizer.

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Cumin Scented Turkey Stir-fry

I made this dish for my parents during their recent visit. I think it epitomizes my mother’s style of cooking, which embraces fresh foods, creates balanced, one-dish meals, maximizes deals at the grocery, and stretches key ingredients within meals.

Unfortunately my camera charger was lost somewhere in my boxes, so I only had my cell phone camera to capture this meal!

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Trinidadian Curry Chicken

The Trinidadian food adventures continue with curry chicken, my second favorite way of eating chicken after stewed chicken…Trini-style, of course!

There is just something about curry chicken in Trinidad that always makes me hungry for seconds. Not sure why that is, perhaps it is a mix of nostalgia and the local, fresh ingredients that make this dish so irresistible. It is also much spicier than any curry chicken you would usually order at an Indian restaurant in the States (not to say that they are bland, but try it in Trinidad and you will know what I am talking about) which is another reason why it makes the top of my list.

Here is my amateur take on curry chicken (you noticed right, we do not say chicken curry in Trinidad) with an obvious lack of Trini ingredients (green seasoning,¬†as I previously mentioned, this is a combination of scallions, thyme, parsley, cilantro, garlic, lime juice, oregano and pimento peppers–Madras curry, a spicy curry which originates from the South of India and where most Trini Indians come from–and hot peppers).

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