Simple, Healthy, Banana Oatmeal Cookies

I love bananas. I always try to keep a few on hand for my breakfast favorite, kale smoothies. If I wait a bit too long and they get overripe, I just use them for banana bread… Or freeze them for future banana bread! 😉 Here’s another recipe with a difficulty level similar to the NY Times’ Monday crossword – simple enough to finish with limited brainpower, while still giving a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

banana cookies

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Stress-release butterscotch chip cookies

I think one of the most dangerous things about knowing how to cook/bake is that suddenly, you’re empowered to stress eat whenever you want! 🙂

Ever since I was an undergraduate student, I’ve really loved to bake when the pressures of life got to me. I remember a particularly virulent incident where I stayed up till 2am making a pumpkin swirl cheesecake before a major job interview my senior year… One of my poor roommates came to check on me in the kitchen because I was making such a clatter, trying to get the stress out. Ultimately the cheesecake turned out great, I advanced to the next round of the interviews, and all was well.

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