Introducing the Local Beer Blog, North Carolina Beer Month, and a Saturday Durham beer tour!

If you know me, you know that two of my main passions in life are food and music – but over all, I prize my relationships with friends and family. It was incredibly exciting for me to see all three come together when I discovered that one of my old friends from our music days, David Ackley, shares his passion for craft beers on the site Local Beer Blog.

Local Beer Blog Ackley

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Sugarland’s Frat Boy Cupcake

Beer, pretzels, and cheese — sounds like a typical frat boy diet, right? Well, what if I told you all that could be found in a cupcake?

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Saturday morning breakfast at the Durham Farmer’s Market: Monuts and Porchetta

This Saturday I had the morning off, instead of my normal teaching duties, so I decided to make an early trip to the Durham Farmers’ Market to procure some breakfast…

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If you were wondering, how McDonalds (Canada) makes their fries

Are you over farm-to-table and instead prefer farm-to-fryer? Well, have I got a video for you 🙂

Watch it if you like Canadian accents, food processing, and people asking questions like “Where do your potatoes come from? I am told your fries are not from real potatoes.”

KidzNotes Benefit Fish Fry

Quick note for any of those in the RDU area — an organization I work with, KidZNotes, is having a fundraiser at Durham Central Park on Friday, October 5th, from 5-11pm!

Lots of good North Carolina fun here: NC beers, NC fish, and NC music (including some of the kids I teach!).

Food and beer coming from NC Catch, Toast, Bull City Brewery, Triangle Brewery, Steel String Brewery (not yet officially open but soon to be Carrboro’s own!), and Natty Greene’s Brewing Company.

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Monuts Donuts: The sweet taste of entrepreneurship

I have been following Monuts Donuts online for months now, but never had the chance to try them (primarily due to their consistent selling out before 10am on a Saturday!). A business begun out of love for food and unemployment, Monuts makes fresh, handcrafted donuts out of local Durham culinary incubator The Cookery and sells them via their delivery bike/trailer (the Monuts trike) around the Triangle area.

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Lobsters in Maine

Well hello, there! I’m returning after an unplanned summer hiatus… Remember those days when summer arrived and school was out for a few months? Yeah, neither do I 🙂 But, when not locked in with my laptop and stacks of academic articles (or accidentally clearing my iPad of all the blog posts I’d drafted out), I did have the chance to attend a few wonderful weddings (and by a few, I mean five). One in particular stood out for its food — so here’s a quick overview of a good friend’s wedding on the northern coast of Maine…

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Kepong food market, Malaysia

Well hello there! I’ve been gone quite a while (three months, in fact). You know it’s bad when your dad starts dropping hints to start posting again 😉 This summer ended up being much busier than I expected, but so goes life. I have a lot of fun stuff to share, though, having traveled back to Asia and San Diego in my time away. Let’s jump right back in to new postings, shall we?

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Coffee Cupping at Counter Culture Coffee – Durham, NC

On a grey Friday my morning class was cancelled and I jumped at the chance to attend Counter Culture Coffee’s weekly free coffee cupping. [I forgot my camera, though, so enjoy a variety of blurry cameraphone shots :)]

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