End-of-Summer Vegetable Rice Casserole

Last week I was invited to dinner at a girlfriend’s home in Durham. She served a variation on this casserole with a nice green salad and I thought to myself, “How lovely and American!” primarily given that my Chinese sensibilities would never mix rice and cheese … which, in retrospect, was not quite the right thing to think given that my friend is actually Canadian 🙂

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How to make fried rice, plus Thai-style Vegetarian Basil Fried Rice

I love fried rice. It is a quick, complete meal and is a great way to use up odds and ends/whatever’s currently in season. Fried rice is really a very basic food form, you just need to tweak a few things here and there depending on what you have on hand.

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Indian dinner night

To cap off my week of vegetarianism, I finished off with an Indian-inspired menu, shared with two of my favorite people:

  • Lentil dal
  • Tangy shredded cabbage salad
  • Cucumber scallion raita
  • Fluffy jasmine rice

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Finals Comfort Food: Yam Rice

Hi Friends! It has been tough getting back on the blogger wagon. I’m totally blissed out still from Brazil and have been spending most of my free time catching up with friends as well as catching up with schoolwork and life stuff I missed… Here’s a post I wrote during finals but never finished:

It’s finals time, and I am oscillating between calm and wondering what in the world I am up to… 🙂 A combination of being sick of on-campus food, not wanting to spend money, and perhaps a dream where I gained 10 lbs (eek!) convinced me it was time to cook again!

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