Mira’s Ukranian Potato Salad

A recipe given to me by one of our dear friends — Mira’s Ukranian-style potato salad is always a hit at summer picnics and a great way to welcome in the warmer weather!

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Cuban Salad (I think)

As readers of this blog can probably tell/are probably tired of hearing about, the concept of authenticity is one I often grapple with when it comes to food. The day after putting in my first CSA order the 99 cent Chef* posted a recipe for a Cuban salad. I admit I was really most inrigued by the inclusion of radishes, which I had ordered but frankly didn’t know what to do with.

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French Endive Salad with Brie and Brazil Nuts

In France I ate endives at least once a week. They have such a pleasant bitterness and crunchiness to them which makes them ideal for a light and refreshing meal. I decided to give the traditional endive salad with Roquefort and walnuts a signature twist by using brie and Brazil nuts instead and really liked the combo. Use local products, right? Plus, nuts in Brazil are ridiculously expensive.

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