Tips for the Durham World Beer Festival

The premise behind Beer Fest is simple: buy a ticket, get a tasting glass (with a 2 oz marker), and go from booth to booth sampling beers from all around the world while enjoying music from local bands. What’s fun about the festival is many of the breweries will test out potential new brews or bring in some seasonals, so there’s quite the variety of things to try.

Since the Durham festival is tomorrow (and the Raleigh one about half a year away), I figured I’d throw up some observations from my experience last year 🙂

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Don the Apron in Readers’ Kitchens – Black bean and pork stir fry

I love it when readers write in and tell me about their cooking adventures with Don the Apron recipes!


Andrew (who has also been featured on the blog) decided to make the Chinese Black Bean Pork Stir Fry, and loved it. 

Holy cow, where’s your blog been all my life????

Two quick notes on the recipe (from Andrew’s questions) — you can sub rice wine for rice vinegar, just make sure to use the clear, light colored version. In addition, the black bean sauce is a fermented, pungent paste — not just a few spoonfuls of cooked canned black beans. You won’t get the same flavor (at all!) if you use normal beans.

Thanks for sending in your pictures and compliments, Andrew! Happy cooking, everyone 🙂

Carmelized Shallot and Sundried Tomato Macaroni and Cheese

Bits and pieces of this recipe popped up in my head this week and just wouldn’t let go ’till I made it. 🙂 It’s a creamy, decadent take on the American comfort food classic, full of flavor, and made start-to-finish on the stovetop.

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