Orange mint plant and NC pollen

Just a quick peek into our lives here in the Triangle. Over the weekend I repotted an orange mint plant I bought from the Carrboro Farmer’s Market last week. The herb is doing great, but what I want to bring your attention to is the heavy dusting of yellow pollen that is highlighting the pretty vein structure of the leaves… Not so pretty when it is everywhere else… 🙂 I suppose it is the price we pay to be surrounded by such gorgeous greenery!

But back to the mint – I’m excited to use it in fruit salads and cocktails all summer long! The orange mint has a Bergamot scent and a flavor that seems sweeter, less aggressive than other members of the mint family. Plus, mint is a super easy, super hardy plant. I come from a line of women with fantastic green thumbs – I’m still looking for mine. Let me know if you find it, ok? 😉


North Carolina’s wine culture featured in the NYT

It always makes me smile to see my adopted home get props from out-of-towners. Here’s a lovely article in the New York Times about the vibrant and experimental wine culture in the Triangle area, with plenty of shout-outs to some of my favorite restaurants in town (and a few to put on the to-try list). We may not make the world’s best wines, but we definitely enjoy them 🙂

Mateo Tapas, via NYT

Here’s my favorite quote from the article:

The sea change, Mr. Callaghan believes, came from overcoming a lack of regional confidence and embracing Southern culture, in which agriculture has always been important. The connection to wine, he suggested, came from the realization that the best sort of winemaking was itself an expression of agriculture.

Read the whole thing here: New York Times: Carolina’s Expansive Wine List

Happy Curried Split Pea Soup

Well, that was a long blog hiatus, friends!

I have to admit – I’ve been in a cooking funk. I can blame in on a lot of things: a busy work load, the cold weather, a series of mediocre cooking experiments, my schedule not allowing me to visit the farmers’ market, or perhaps my CSA going dormant for a few months… Regardless, my food choices of late have been rather uninspired, and not from lack of trying. But the days are longer, everything is gorgeously flowering in North Carolina, and I hope to be back consistently to share my food adventures!

North Carolina Flowering Pear

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