Monuts Donuts: The sweet taste of entrepreneurship

I have been following Monuts Donuts online for months now, but never had the chance to try them (primarily due to their consistent selling out before 10am on a Saturday!). A business begun out of love for food and unemployment, Monuts makes fresh, handcrafted donuts out of local Durham culinary incubator The Cookery and sells them via their delivery bike/trailer (the Monuts trike) around the Triangle area.

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End-of-Summer Vegetable Rice Casserole

Last week I was invited to dinner at a girlfriend’s home in Durham. She served a variation on this casserole with a nice green salad and I thought to myself, “How lovely and American!” primarily given that my Chinese sensibilities would never mix rice and cheese … which, in retrospect, was not quite the right thing to think given that my friend is actually Canadian 🙂

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