Will draw for food – Hurricane Sandy benefit

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let y’all food-interested people know about a neat fundraiser going on tomorrow.

It’s called Will Draw For Food and works like this:

  1. Donate $20 or more, tell them your favorite food
  2. On Friday an artist will draw your food, interpreting it as they will
  3. The donation goes towards the NYC Food Bank

They’ve got a variety of different donation levels (want a food poem?), and although you do give up pretty much all artistic control, regardless you know the money’s going somewhere good.

I will be sure to share my illustration when it arrives! I also happened to be the 100th donor, so supposedly there will be some sort of surprise bonus added in… 🙂

Sweet Potato and Sausage Soup and my Sandy story

I will admit — living several hours inland in North Carolina, in the mental bubble that is graduate school, I didn’t pay attention to the Hurricane Sandy warnings. In fact, it was just a few days before it hit that the severity of the issue even registered to me, when I was talking with a neighbor who recommended I finish my yard work before “the rains get real bad.” Wait, what?!

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