Thai food at Sab-E-Lee

First off, please do not judge the quality of this restaurant by the quality of these pictures — it was rather dark and I didn’t want to use my camera’s flash! Secondly, I was saving to post this until I went back to the restaurant and had taken more photos — Aggapop and I had discussed making a trek out there — but with finals looming around the corner it looks unlikely… So here you are for now 🙂

I was excited to finally try out Sab-E-Lee, a tiny 6-table hole-in-the-wall, cash-only joint in a slightly rougher part of San Diego (once you pass the 96c and up store you know you’re in the right area!).

This is probably the best Thai food in town, championed by our wonderful Thai friend Aggapop as the place where he goes when he gets homesick. They specialize in Northeastern Thai cuisine, I hear their noodles are exceptionally authentic. This was my first time physically eating there, although I’ve had leftovers and catered food from the restaurant in the past.

James and I made an off-campus food run to grab a quick dinner after a day of studying. We ordered yellow curry chicken and spicy mint noodles with pork, which were both divine. They serve food on a 1-10 scale of heat and at a 7, both were really spicy. Although I pride myself on my heat tolerance, I doubt I can do higher than an 8! Add a Thai iced tea for him and a jasmine hot tea for me, and we were both uncomfortably stuffed.

James was not too excited about photos, however: “No, I will not look at you, and I do not care that this will be featured on your blog! Please let a man eat in peace!” Hahaha 🙂

I guess we all can’t be food bloggers, eh? 😉

Sab E Lee
2405 Ulric St
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 650-6868


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